Serious Mastering is a Dutch independent mastering studio located in Eindhoven.

Providing mastering for single tracks and albums.

Additional services are:
stem mastering
courses in audio mastering.
No fancy stuff
Actually the name serious mastering is chosen a joke in itself. It comes from the fact that tons of people think mastering engineers are some kind of wizards. They are just people like everyone else, except for their exciting job.

A joke? You're not serious?
Yes I am. But mastering to me is not about inflated egos or mysterious voodoo rituals in a holy chambers using sacred equipment with prices of small or even bigger cars. It's about getting the best possible sound for your production. I'm serious when it comes to handling your material since your commercial and artistic future might depend on it. Maybe I'm too serious on this site as well, but that's because I'm also giving courses in mastering so it's a bit of a deformation.
The equipment used is a hybrid of A-class analog hardware and high-end software plugins.

API, Cranesong, Hypex, Prism, Manley, Scanspeak, SPL, TFPro

Fabfilter, Psp, Steinberg, UAudio, Voxengo

Get in touch
You can e-mail or phone me and we can get things going. You tell me what you want done and send me the tracks by post, e-mail, FTP or Internet sharing. You'll get a honest evaluation of the tracks and an indication on how long it will take to have it ready. For details visit the contact page.
For those who aren't fully informed about mastering a quick explanation:

Mastering, a form of audio post-production, is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source (file) containing the final mix to a master (file). This end result can then be used for copying and distribution as CD, vinyl, mp3 and other formats.